Games are scheduled and purchased through our booking page. Booking may also be done by phone. Call us at 949-535-0211.
Any cancellation or rescheduling requires miniumum 48 hours' notice. Submit requests via email: Booking@DetectivesSociety.com.
While the door will be locked, you may exit or return to a room at any time. Please note, the clock will not stop for any reason.
All bookings are private. You will not be grouped with strangers.
Each session involves: 15 minute introduction, 60 minutes of game time, and an optional 15 minute post-game debrief.
Yes. You will participate in the room's immersive, story-driven experience, even if the puzzles prove too difficult. Hints and directions will also be available, if desired.
Absolutely. A timely solution has rewards of its own. For you, oh brilliant one, escape is only the beginning.
Plan to arrive at the start time of your session. After introductions, doors will be locked and no additional participants may enter.